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Investing in Mental Health is Good for Business

Mental Health in the Workplace

One unexpected concern that Covid-19 brought to light was the importance of empathy for both mental health and emotional well-being.

From personal health concerns and family losses to staffing shortages, remote work and an often-fuzzy work-life intersection, your employees may be under a great deal of stress. As daily lives continue to be challenged, the rate of stress-related disorders and mental health issues will continue to rise — regardless of the size of your workforce. Business leaders will likely need to address this in an open and honest way.

So, what might “addressing this” look like for a small business? A few ideas might be:

  • counseling sessions with a therapist for workers and their families
  • employee passes to fitness and wellness centers
  • extra days off
  • Zoom-free days
  • company-wide weeks off to allow everyone to decompress
  • mental health apps
  • employee assistance programs (EAPs) designed to help employees resolve personal issues before they interfere with work performance

Behavioral health is part of the new formula for employee satisfaction
To some business owners, such ideas may seem extreme. But in reality, it is practical to consider them because stress is one of the top reasons employees switch jobs. Implementing policies that address stress can increase engagement, reduce turnover, improve creativity and increase productivity for your company.

And the return on investment might surprise a lot of CEOs. According to estimates from the World Health Organization (WHO), businesses that promote mental health in the workplace realize an ROI of $4 for every $1 spent on treating common mental disorders.1

Because recruiting and retaining top talent is no easy task, making behavioral health a priority in your organization can prove the right thing to do – and a savvy investment.

1“New Mental Health Cost Calculator Shows Why Investing in Mental Health is Good for Business” nsc.org, Analysis by NSC and NORC at University of Chicago reveals organizations that support mental health see a return of $4 for every dollar invested, https://www.nsc.org/newsroom/new-mental-health-cost-calculator-demonstrates-why.  May 23, 2021.