How We Do What We Do

Our Services

The demands and expectations of any position are important.  Our services focus on identifying the skills, abilities and talents of a candidate and matching them to the right position.

From Administrative to Industrial to Hospitality - we handle it all.

Locally owned and operated, our management group has over twenty years of industry experience. Our size and expertise give us the ability to formulate an “ADAPTABLE Recruiting Plan.” We ADAPT to each one of our clients’ staffing needs.

Our clients appreciate the accuracy and stability that Adapt provides in locating, preparing, on-boarding, and retaining talented employees.  We look forward to serving you! 


  • Skills Assessments
    Our team can administer over 700 different computerized assessments in-house, helping to locate the right talent and skills.
  • Increased Retention
    Our process identifies more than skill — we look for the right personality, work ethic, and drive that matches your culture, helping to build retention on your team.

Light Industry

  • Minimized Training Time
    We conduct live, in-depth, skill-oriented interviews to ensure your candidates can hit the ground prepared to contribute.
  • Flexible Labor Cost 
    We help firms manage their labor costs.   Whether you need temp-to-hire, permanent placement, or strictly temp, our process helps contain labor costs and inefficiencies.  

Positions We Can Fill


  • Data Entry
  • Reception/Switchboard Operator
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Executive Administrative Assistant
  • Accounts Payable/Receivable Clerk
  • Customer Service
  • Telemarketing
  • Call Center
  • Office Manager

Light Industry

  • Warehouse
  • Production
  • Forklift
  • Assembly
  • Order Selector
  • Electronic Assembly
  • General Laborers
  • Inventory Clerk

But Wait! There's More!

This is a brief list of the kind of positions that we can fill. This is not an exhaustive list of options. If you have particular needs or positions that you're struggling to fill, please contact us and we can assist!


You Understand Our Needs

“Your customer service and abilities to understand our needs are unmatched.  You exceeded our wildest expectations, keep up the excellent work!” -Owner of a large production company

Screening Makes The Difference

“Your magical screening process has outperformed all competitors.  We look forward to utilizing your services for years to come.” -Human Resource Manager and a large manufacturing company.

Increased Production

“Our increased production speaks for itself! It’s gratifying to see that your company works as hard as we do.” -Human Resource Manager of a Large Electrical Components Company