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Chief Operations Officer

TJ Tortoriello

TJ Tortoriello has been an expert in the staffing industry since 2002. 

In his early career, TJ worked for a national restaurant chain, interviewing and hiring employees for a large staff.  His time working in the restaurant industry became a foundation for his passion for the hospitality industry.  He later was a manager of a Fortune 100 company in Richmond, Virginia.  For 12 years, he managed a workforce of over 130 employees.  

TJ now serves as the Chief Operating Officer at Adapt Staffing.  His award-winning management expertise and passion for service are now leveraged to bring excellence to our clients throughout the USA.  

Over the last 25 years, TJ has been involved in many networking and community organizations.  He has lived in Richmond area since 1987.  TJ’s heart for service is evident in his time volunteering as a board member for a residential community organization, various charities, events, and his active involvement in his children’s school and coaching athletic teams.